Positioning a feminine healthcare company

Cíclica is the first menstrual cup manufactured in Central America, which mission is to empower women all over the world to start living a sustainable menstrual cycle with products that reduce the footprint caused by conventional methods. We  worked with Cíclica to develop a Direct to Consumer model, powered by E-commerce, Social Media and Funnel Automations, that has positioned the brand as a lead of opinion in our region.


2019 / 2021


Marketing Strategy
‍Web Development


Social Media Planning
E-commerce Platform
Sales Automation Funnel
Content Creation


Magento / PHP
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics

The challenge

Cíclica started as a small project where buyers contacted directly through social media to make orders. As the company grew it, having an E-commerce platform to manage orders became a necessity.

In 2020 the company took the decision to start producing their own products, in order to reduce times, manage the quality of the product, have a better control with the stock and the most important challenge: start exporting cups to the rest of the countries in Latin America.

Our team was tasked with four main goals:


This was one of the biggest challenges of the roadmap. The company is involved directly with the feminine healthcare industry, and it was necessary to communicate security, education and professionalism.

Before this new phase, the company had a different name and the social media had more than 7000 followers in Facebook and Instagram, which meant a serious change for the audience and a possible impact in the intention of the consumer.

After the process, the brand made an important impact communicating confidence to the audience, increasing sales and the audience to more almost 25 000 followers by Q2 - 2021.


Added to the brand, our team worked on the user experience of the new e-commerce channel. The project an its planning was directly focused to produce an Educational E-commerce. That means that the entire website, had to communicate a lot of education in order to evacuate questions and possible doubts through the funnel. Bananacode built a full low quality prototype in order to define a solid communication strategy.

We followed that process to align the copy and the layout distribution with the commercial strategy that will be triggered through the Paid Media. After the buyer journey was built our team presented the high quality prototype that was developed.

As part of our work, our team developed two Magento modules to integrate a payment gateway and the delivery services, producing a full automated process that is connected to the Active Campaign email marketing engine that ensures the company tracks every sale, improving the customer service and maintenance of the community.

"Bananacode helped us to launch our website as we were planning, and that has made a huge impact in our company. We are positioned and scaling on the market with the platform and the marketing service which helps us to move more traffic and turn it to more sales"

Angie Sánchez

Founder Cíclica

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