Building the infrastructure of a raising podcast driven digital newspaper

Delfino Medios started as a Medium publication in 2016 posting curated news focused on The Congress daily activity.
By 2017, the startup had more than 30.000 subscribers receiving a daily newsletter with fresh news easy to consume. After 2 years, the startup created a subscription model called Delfino+ which grants access to daily podcasts, providing the users a different option to stay informed and updated. We worked with Delfino Medios creating a new customized payments infrastructure and the API services layer with a headless WordPress used by the journalists.


2019 / 2020


New Services Infrastructure
Payment Gateway Customization


AWS infrastructure
Recurring Payment Service
GraphQL Schema
Main WebApp Portal
Headless WordPress CMS
Mobile Notifications Infrastructure


Wordpress headless
Apollo Server

Transparent news accesible for everyone

In 2016 Diego Delfino, as an experimented journalist, started a Medium channel that was the most visited Medium Page in Costa Rica that year. He started curating news about the politic scene that was about to face one of the biggest corruption cases in the last 2 decades.

After the big impact that the medium channel had, Diego decided to move all the interested people to a newsletter that marked the beginning of this startup. With more than 10,000 subscribers, in few months the project adopted Delfino as the official name, and the word of mouth started doing effect, pushing Diego to move all the content to a specific space where the people interested can visit curated content on demand with one specific mission, transparent news accesible for everyone.

A new phase for the startup

In 2018, the newspaper officially got some funds from an incubator in Costa Rica called Caricaco, and the project finally got a WordPress site, where Diego and other new editors could start managing the information and the newsletter connection in a different way. At the end of 2018 the project was ready to start monetizing and after some efforts that barely solve the payment gateway, Bananacode was contacted to kick off a new plan that will offer a solid infrastructure that allow Delfino to increase the audience and acquire more paid users.

Becoming a market leader

In January 2019, Bananacode started working with Delfino creating a new strategy in order change the infrastructure that the project was using in that moment. After the first month of work and the analysis of the different elements that were important to make the project scalable with a B2C subscription model, the team decided to build a brand new architecture, with a better payment gateway that supports recurring with a PCI Compliant Certification.

The main decision was to use WordPress as a headless platform in order to keep the editor for the journalists, and take out the final users from WordPress and locate them in a descentralizad database that would provide information to the main Web App and the Mobile App that the team was planning to start building.

Bananacode built a database infrastructure with all the different services that would allow to move the information back and forth, from the WordPress to the Front End of the Web App and the Mobile App using all the WordPress categories and posts structure. Our team was able to do this, using the power of GraphQL which allows us to work with a unified query language, that collects all the API and third party services under one umbrella.

During the process Bananacode worked in collaboration with Nexus Digital, in order to integrate the Front End with a mobile first approach, that way our team could focus only in providing the data fast.

Gateway implementation challenges

Bananacode has worked with different platforms that need to move forward with digital payments. For this B2C model Delfino was not the exception and having a solid payment structure was a game changer in a country where people are not use to pay services or products using their credit cards.

Our team implemented a new recurring system with one of the best platforms in Central America, Greenpay. With this new approach, our team was able to build in 45 days all the new payments system and we could start migrating more than 2000 paid users from the old gateway to the new system.

It was a big challenge but today all the accounts are managed by only one system that orchestrates all the process from the very beginning of the lifecycle of a user in the platform.

Today, Delfino is one of the most important digital newspapers in Costa Rica, it has more than 4 million visits a month with more than 1.5 million unique users. The platform got the E-commerce Award as the best Communication Media and Internet Business Platform in Costa Rica in 2019.

Everyday  the platform is growing and the team as well. More users are visiting the news, consuming the podcast exclusive content and the startup is building more credibility in the ecosystem.

Founders and Journalists

Journalists & Founders

"The team at Bananacode delivers a quality service. They’re efficient, responsive, and timely. Their collaborative approach is also noteworthy. Customers can expect a development team that finds solutions"

Diego Delfino

Founder Delfino CR

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