Strategic mini game campaign to reconnect and generate retention with buyers

McDonald's is one of the world's most famous franchises of American fast food restaurants. For this project, we work with McDonald's Costa Rica to develop a small mini game to engage customers.




Product Design Development


Web App
NodeJS Server


Graphql Server
Salesforce SOAP
Apollo Client

A strategic challenge

McDonald’s came up with the idea of creating a roulette prizes system through a web application, to create an interactive design and strategy linked to the retention campaign with the use of Salesforce.

McDonald’s should have the ability to create its awards from an ERP in a parameterized way, so that it would synchronize its products with the available awards. These awards had a scale to determine the weight on the probability of obtaining them, so that they could be dynamically modified using Salesforce.

Continuous user engagement

When a McDonald’s combo was purchased and super sized, users were given the opportunity to access an online game using a generated code on their bills. In this game, they had a chance to spin a wheel to win redeemable prizes at McDonald’s.

Once the prize was obtained, the information of the players had to be sent for future engagement campaigns.

"Despite the complicated nature of the project and the multitude of requirements, Bananacode completed the work to the business and its client's satisfaction. The team was flexible to changes in the deadline, going the extra mile to meet it, and their communication fostered a trustworthy environment"

Fabian Borelly

Production Director

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